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Reasonable Doubts to Sponsor a Foreign Spouse to Canada detailed by family sponsorship lawyer

August 12, 2020

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At first glance, applying for the foreign spouse to get permanent residency in Canada might appear pretty easy. Spousal sponsorship isn’t restricted to just formally married couples. It is also available to the conjugal partners and common law. Best family sponsorship lawyer Canada states that common law partnership will require you to live together for at least a year.  On the other hand, conjugal partnership is actually a marriage-like relationship where the couple is not being able to live together due to some barriers.

Quite unlike parental sponsorship, there are no bounds on the number of spousal sponsorship which can be approved in one year. Moreover, there is no specific requirement when it comes to the income for the people who are sponsoring their spouses. Like most of the immigration related matters, the IRCC website in Canada offer a detailed and step-by-step guide to complete the spousal sponsorship application.

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Details On Spousal Sponsorship

Best Immigration lawyer in Toronto Canada states that Section 4 of the IRCC is the most common reason for the spousal sponsorship application to be rejected. It mainly talks about bad faith in marriage or even in a long-term relationship.  It basically specifies that a relationship is not going to be taken as a spousal relationship if it has mainly been entered for the immigration purpose and is not genuine enough.

Genuine is known to be assessed during the time of application. The purpose behind the relationship is actually gleaned from the previous relationship. Even though the relationship might start off questionable but might turn out to be genuine as the time progresses. In case it is found that the relationship has been entered into mainly for the purpose of immigration, the couple will not be able to overcome the obstacle, irrespective of the present genuineness of their union and love. This section will come into play only if one person in the relationship has to be genuine or have some improper purpose. For example, even if a sponsor is in love with the applicant, the application can be denied if it found out that the applicant doesn’t share the feelings.

The purpose of the sections is pretty clear and commendable.  Best family sponsorship lawyer Canada mentions that Canada doesn’t really want spousal sponsorship to become illicit to gaining permanent residence through a phony marriage. If such conduct is allowed, it will surely undermine the integrity of the immigration system as a whole.

Even though section 4 is not problematic in itself, the implementation might be as per the best family sponsorship lawyer Canada. It is due to this that visa officers approach spousal sponsorship application with doubt with the intent to busting any fake marriages. The relationship of the couples is put under microscope from the time the application is submitted.  Visa officers are going to zero in on the relationship considering the issue with things that the applicants had never been asked to address or even explain. For example, married within a short period of time or parents not attending the wedding can be a red flag.

Some applications might be refused outright due to the concerns as per the best family sponsorship lawyer Canada.  As a matter of fact, the spouses are not even given the chance to address them.  Thus, the spousal sponsorship application might be rejected for the lack of genuineness.